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"All Phases of Film/Video Media Production & Post-Production"

Click above to see Corporate Demo Reel

Click above to see Commercial Demo Reel

Why Video Is A Good Investment!


Get More Traffic Driven To Your Website

You can increase search engine results by 41%just by putting video on the home page of your website.


Help Your Prospects Retain More of Your Message

Viewers retain 95% of what they watch in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. Visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text.


The Impact of One Minute of Video

One minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words, or 3600 typical web pages, according to Forrester Research.


           Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate

Conversion is when a visitor to your website takes an action that you want them to take. Video has a conversion rate of 64%, which is up to 32 times higher                    than using social media, email, print and search engine marketing.


                          View a sample of a video we produced for Nassau Community College                               for their 2016 student orientation.

Online video continues to grow in popularity among Internet users

Underscoring the importance of online video as a marketing tool for retailers, 68% of U.S. adult Internet users watch videos on YouTube and other video-sharing web sites, up from 33% in late 2008, *the Pew Research Center says in a recent report.

The report also notes that online video viewing is almost universal among younger online users:

  • Among Internet users 18 to 29 years old, 89% watch videos on video-sharing sites, up from 72% in 2008


  • Among Internet users 30 to 49 years old, 67% view content on video-sharing sites, up from 58% in 2008.


  • Among Internet users 50 to 64 years old, 41% view content on video-sharing sites, up from 34% in 2008.
  • Among Internet uses 65 and older, 27% view content on video-sharing sites, up from 19% in 2008.

* The report, “The Audience for Online Video-Sharing Shoots Up,” is based on a survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project conducted from March 26 to April 29.

The report also notes that, among people who access the Internet with wireless devices, 71% visit video-sharing sites, compared to 38% of people who don’t access the web with wireless devices.

Common Sense Media Communications strategize with you to
determine the proper use of your budget in order to reach your
customer demographics and give you the best ways
to increase your market share.  

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